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This is the page for all you stupid insecure souls who clicked on the gif with the word SEX written on it. Well, it shows how you are just another sex crazed maniac who is probably not getting any. HA! As punishment for you insecurity, you will now have to read what is written on the leaflet inside the cover of the Unbearable album. Enjoy.

All tracks by M. Kundera, except all tracks by Kate Bush, except all other tracks apart from tracks 5 and 16 by Paul Johnson, except track 2 by Tim Aylward and Paul Johnson except track3 by Bernard Blake and Paul Johnson, except track 4 by S. Austin and A. Hart(no only kidding). No tracks by Colin Newman or Minimal Conpact. All tracks produced by Genghis P. Pop(Iggy's brother). Part I recorded at Can-You-Kick-A- Tommy-Over-Kingsway-Outside-Atlantis, in South Melbourne. Engineered by James, Dean. Mixed by Mr. Floppy. Part II recorded at The Big Pie in Moonie Ponds by Paul Johnson. Live tracks recorded at the Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney, 29th August 1992, on a s**t tape deck. Tracks 4,5 and 16 continue the now mistitled Mr. Floppy Head Job Series. Artwork by Matt Cotter and Vannessa Brady. Portraits by Amanda Mary Fraser and Donna Marie Farrugia. Thank you: Jim, Dean, Dave, Carol, Nick Tonti-Filipini, Dr. Bernard Fuzz B. A., C.O.T.S., Kieran, Jeremy, Barbara, James Harris Hyphen F***ing Caine, Anne Deveson, Ian Kitchen Table At The Lansdowne Cummins, Benny Hill, Spencer and Conway for the kick, Moby D***head, Sean, Des for no reason, Darren the blow-in, Greg Hall and Freedman Brothers Incorperated, Peter O'Toole(the actor, not the car scrubber) for some timely inspiration, the true believers, Tracey for the lifts, Jeff and all at MDS, people who don't smoke marijuana, the people who inspired the songs, and d***heads everywhere. F**k off Sheryl. Send a stamped envelope to PO Box 117, Ascot Vale, VIC, Australia, 3032, and we will use it for our mail. Lean chicken contains far less cholesterol than lamb chops. Go away.

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