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2 October - This page is dedicated to Mr. Floppy, a band from Melbourne, Australia. There CD's are REALLY hard to find and are not being made any more. To the left is a bunch of links to the other pages on this site. They are constanly under construction so please excuse the mess. I am trying to find someway of uploading there songs to this site for download, but I'm not exactly sure how to do it. Can anyone help me?? If you can, PLEASE email me. Do not let Mr. Floppy fade away!!!!!!

5 October - I got the links working with the gifs. They look all pretty now. I am unable to put full songs up for download, but I will put what I consider to be the best parts up. However, I am sure no-one cares because no-one knows this page exists and so now I'm going to go and cry in a corner somewhere. If you do find me, please tell lots of people where this page is. Thank you 8>)

7 October - The Lyrics Page is accsessable. It has lyrics to the first few songs on the unbearable album. My hit counter has either been tampered with or about 15 people actually DID visit my site in one day. If the latter is correct, then I should thank Dragon Lass for telling people to come here. So, uh, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. The info and Mp3 sections will be ready very shortly. OK?

8 October - The Info Page was ready yesterday but my server disconnected me and, well, GRRRR. However, now all is forgiven and the info page is accessable. The Mp3 page will be ready soon. I will be uploading FULL songs but at a low quality(sorry). They will be on my Geocities site (hehe) to save space here, but you can download them from either site. My other page(not as good as this one)

9 October -9am- The Mp3 was ready late last night and has 2 songs currently available for download. They are about 400kb's each. Later.

9 October -2pm- 3 new songs in the mp3 section. More lyrics. More fun. More getting pissed and collapsing in a pool of vomit. Yay!

13 November - I recently asked The Outer Limits Mp3 Site"> to put a link to my music page (music.html) on the page linked earlier this sentence. And guess what? Within 1 day 140 people came!! No s**t. And now 4 day after my site was originally listed the counter has gone from 10 to 297!!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!! Click on the gif in the top left and see if you can be person number 300! There will be no prizes whatsoever for being that person BUT IT WILL MAKE YOUR DAY WORTHWHILE


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