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What's    going    on?

Mr Floppy are a band from Melbourne, Australia. There is 4 of them. All were suspected to be drunk when they recorded there albums(just kidding). Their albums are scarce and are not being produced anymore. They recorded a lot of their stuff back in 93/94 so I have only even heard of 2 of their albums. They may have more, I don't know. The two I have heard of are called Gratuitous and The Unbearable Lightness of Being a D***head. I have only got one of these(the unbearable album), but I am working to create a deal for Gratuitous from an anonymous source.

Now, Mr Floppy are splitting up, their albums are not being produced anymore, my computer is really crud and I'm dead (just kidding 'bout the last bit, hehe). I'm really annoyed. So if you visit this page you have to tell everyone about it or I'll come over to your house with a video tape of Con's Bewdiful Home Video Show. MWAWAHAHAHAHA!! I'm a MADMAN!!!! I will now go in to depth about the for things mentioned at the start of this paragraph:

1. Yes, Mr Floppy are splitting/have split up. They are rumored to be getting a thingy in the Australian Women's Weekly. They making loads of cash from it to. Pity. They are(unfortunetly)happy to be splitting up.

2. Their albums are not being produced anymore so I'm happy to settle with The Unbearable Lightness of yadayadayada and Gratuitous. If you want a copy of their albums REALLY desperatly(which you should) you can write to PO Box 117, Ascot Vale, VIC, Australia, 3032 and beg for them(the albums, not the band members, that's sick).

3. My computer is crud. So don't go complaining to me if something bad happens to you(like you fall off a cliff or get shot or meet John Howard or something like that). You're wondering what that has to do with my computer right? Well, nothing, I'm just wasting space. Don't believe me? Antidisestablishmentarianism. There happy? No? Hepaticocholecystostcholecystenterostomy. HA!

4. No, I'm not dead. Just tired, resting in a coffin and I have maggots crawling out my eyes. Picture that. Now go and vomit in your bathroom. More news when more news arrives which will only be when it arrives which is the whole point of it arriving.

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